Since “tigers” in Kim’s research scored very within the shaming follow believed additional frequent between Asian-Americans, evidently, pre-Chua not less than, tiger parenting might be much less frequent between whites. (The moms rated them selves more hugely on shaming than even their Young ones, suggesting tiger moms—like Chua, who recoun… Read More

For me? I'm all for encouraging excellence in our youngsters, but I default to beneficial reinforcement and parenting according to my daughter's personality and needs, not building her Reside up to strictly myIn addition, it seems to be about severe language. You've been know to connect with your daughters "rubbish" when they do not do as you'd lik… Read More

Some European American mother and father have advised me they felt responsible about being too lenient once they examine Amy Chua's book, and puzzled no matter whether adopting Amy Chua's methods would make their kids a lot more effective at school. Soon after Mastering about my examine, having said that, they sense better about their individual pa… Read More

Although there is a popular perception that The trick guiding the academic achievement of Asian American little ones is the prevalence of “tiger mothers” like Amy Chua, we discovered that small children with tiger dad and mom really had a lessen GPA than small children with supportive dad and mom. In truth, children with supportive mother and f… Read More

[35] In Chua's memoir, Fight Hymn on the Tiger Mother, she mentions an incident that she yelled at her daughters, calling them ‘rubbish’ in general public.[28] It has been revealed that tiger mothers and fathers are not as likely than other moms and dads to go with their little ones in community in addition.[32] Small children elevated by tiger… Read More